Our Shelter

“Heart and Home is the best experience I’ve had in three years of being homeless. … It’s the support I got when I was there. Volunteers gave me rides, helped with laundry, and brought in great food. And then there was the emotional support. Everyone listened and encouraged me when I was ready to give up. They gave me hope, and there’s so little of that out here.”

~Client of Heart and Home Women’s Shelter

Heart and Home Collaborative develops services such as shelter, outreach, and community meetings, which respond to and respect unhoused individuals needs and goals. In doing so, we bring together Palo Alto residents, both unhoused and housed, to create dialogue and leverage resources. Our team members and volunteers invest themselves in personal relationships and in the creation of a loving and supportive community.

Shelter residents live in a safe, staffed environment from 6PM – 7 AM. Stays include dinner and breakfast, as well as on-site programming that is organized based on the needs of our clients. A staff person and volunteers maintain the site at all times by conversing with clients, performing custodial duties, and promoting community living guidelines and security. Volunteers and staff also provide information about area resources to connect the shelter’s residents to services. An overnight staff person and volunteers are responsible for setting up the shelter in the evening, rearranging the space in the morning, and maintaining security throughout the stay. Please review the Shelter Policies for more information regarding the expectations for clients and volunteers.