May 2020 Heart and Home Update: Shelter is OPEN and operating 24 hours during the COVID-19 Shelter in Place Order in Santa Clara County. Can you donate or volunteer to help our vulnerable neighbors during this virus pandemic?

“A respite from the cold and a place that makes her feel safe.”

Heart and Home Collaborative is a non-profit women’s shelter serving unhoused women* in Palo Alto, California. Our volunteer-run shelter provides temporary, seasonal shelter at different places of worship in Palo Alto for six weeks at a time. We work closely with local congregations, the local community and a Stanford student team to not only operate daily from December to April but to provide resources and create dialogue and community between our shelter participants and volunteers. 
We believe that those who use our services are the experts, and are proud to operate our shelter through participatory planning. Our shelter guests are invited to participate in the planning and operation of our shelter. 
This year, we plan to operate from December 2019 through March 2020 and are soliciting donations to extend our shelter a further six weeks into April. 

Interested in volunteering?

Please visit our Volunteer Opportunities page or sign up here.

*Our shelter welcomes all self-identifying women.