Volunteer Opportunities

As a volunteer-run group, we thrive on the time that members of our community put in to supporting and sustaining the shelter. If you are in working with Heart and Home, check out the opportunities for Stanford students and community members below. We welcome volunteers of all ages and genders!?


Commitment: varies widely by position. Sign up here!

Volunteer at the shelter: We look for nightly volunteers to set up the shelter and dinner and clean up afterwards. Volunteers enjoy dinner with the shelter participants as well. Sign up for a 90 minute shift, a 3-hour shift or to be a lead volunteer for one night for six weeks. All ages welcome – sign up below!

Cook Dinner: We rely on volunteers to cook and bring dinner to our shelter on a nightly basis. We are looking for hearty, nutritious, diverse meals that include a meat entr?e, a vegetable option and at least one side. Salads, desserts and extra sides are welcomed. Sign up below.

Wash laundry: We rely on volunteers to wash and dry our laundry on a weekly basis, including bedding, towels, and washcloths. This volunteer opportunity is perfect for individuals or small groups. You just pick up the laundry at shelter and then return it within a week. Please contact volunteers@hhcollab.org.

Special events: Our shelter welcomes proposals for special events. We have had performances from acapella groups, outings to dinner and special brunches. If you have an idea for an event, please contact volunteers@hhcollab.org.

Join our Board

Commitment: monthly meetings (2-hour meetings + 2 hours prep)

The board of directors reviews the status of the organization and discusses major decisions regarding all aspects of shelter operation and future expansion with input from our shelter participants and volunteers. We need board members who are willing to serve as the nonprofit?s President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Currently, we are actively recruiting directors with experience in one or more of the Board?s core areas: executive and fiscal management, accounting, marketing, fundraising, insurance, nonprofit law, personnel law, service provision, and direct experience with homelessness. Applicants would ideally have extensive experience in executive-level management. We welcome Stanford graduate students to apply.

To Join: See HERE for details on these roles and for more information about the application process. E-mail info@hhcollab.org if you’re interested in a position.