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Coco Lemberg, Stanford core team leader and Board Member

Coco began volunteering at Heart and Home in her freshman year at Stanford. She loved getting to know the women and the goals of Heart and Home and joined the student core team in her sophomore year. She now serves as the Co-president of the Stanford student team. As a Human Biology major, Coco is interested in reducing health inequalities by addressing social determinants of health.

In her free time she enjoys cooking, hiking, and spending time with friends. 

Youngyoon Amy Seo,
Stanford core team leader and Board Member

Amy, a junior majoring in Biology and East Asian Studies at Stanford University, has served as the co-president of the Stanford Heart and Home Collaborative team for two years. Amy’s interest lies in addressing homelessness in the Bay area, responding to gentrification, and establishing meaningful relationships with the participants.

In her free time, Amy enjoys practicing the violin as a member of the Stanford Collaborative Orchestra, cooking Korean cuisine, and going scuba diving.

Alisha Zhao,
Special Events Director

Alisha Zhao is majoring in political science with minors in history and human rights at Stanford University. Growing up in Portland, OR, she became critically aware of economic inequality in her community and is passionate about the intersection between human rights and government, particularly issues of affordable housing and homelessness. Alisha believes that housing is a fundamental right and serves as the Campus Outreach Director for Heart and Home.

Minha Khan,
Supplies Director

Minha first volunteered with Heart and Home in her freshman year. Three years later, she is now serving as the Director of Supplies. Minha is a senior majoring in Sociology and minoring in Education. As a community-based researcher, Minha’s work focuses on the experiences of women of color, with particular focus on issues of access and education. Heart and Home embodies some of the values that matter most to her: empathy, inclusivity, and togetherness. In her free time, you can find Minha drinking a cup of tea, wondering how the world works, and, most importantly, having conversations.

Natalie Cross,
Web Designer

Natalie has been volunteering with Heart and Home since her freshman year. She began serving on the student board during her sophomore year and is now currently in her junior year working as the web designer. Natalie is majoring in Earth Systems with a focus on the oceans, atmosphere and climate. She is very passionate about environmental justice issues, which often overlap and intersect with the topic of housing justice. Heart and Home is one of the most impactful things that she’s been involved in during her time at Stanford and she’s beyond excited to keep working with this amazing team.

Natalie loves to spend time outdoors – whether its hiking, taking photographs or just looking up at the stars!

Nejat Jemal,
Fundraising Director

I am a freshman at Stanford University and I strive to assist the Heart and Home Collaborative in providing homes to women in Palo Alto. I want to make sure that these women feel comfortable working with us and feel welcome as part of our community. As a Fundraising Director of the Stanford Student Team I hope to contribute the growth and impact of this organization. I also enjoy coaching high schoolers competing in Science Olympiad. I find that engaging with brilliant students is very inspiring and a source of fulfillment aside from the usual academic routine. I really want to help them reach their full potential as most of these students work really hard but may not have all the information they need and some just lack confidence in their own abilities to achieve. I love entrepreneurship and am a member of SENSA, an organization that steers bright ideas towards bigger, better causes. I also love baking/cooking, Soccer, Badminton, reading and climbing.

Sreya Guha, Fundraising Director

Sreya is a junior majoring in symbolic systems at Stanford University. She has been director of fundraising for the past two years and is passionate about the core values of the shelter and addressing the needs of unhoused individuals. 

In her free time, she enjoys listening to different podcasts, baking and reading.

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